Will your order be tracked?

Yes! No matter what shipping option you go for you will receive a tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. 

If you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email from us yet then just drop an email to support@amazinglycat.com and we'll investigate.

Please remember if we've just had a big release we might be a little slower at getting orders out. These days will be taken into account when you place your order so don't worry - the expected delivery time you see on the product page will be correct.

My tracking number doesn't work:

Please allow at least 24 hours after you've received your tracking number to track your package.

Note that some carriers reuse tracking numbers so don’t be confused if you enter this number and see that your package was delivered 2 months ago. Simply allow the carrier to refresh the feed and check back.

If the tracking does not populate, please contact us at support@amazinglycat.com and we'd be happy to help!