The most common reason for a credit card being declined is information being entered incorrectly. Please confirm that all information submitted is an exact match for your credit card, including the billing address that your bank has on record for your card.

For your protection, we have limited information on the specifics of why your card is declined so the best place to start is by contacting your bank.

If you recently received a new card with a chip, be sure to double-check the CVV code (usually a 3 digit number) on the back.


If you receive an error message when attempting to place your order, be sure to make note of this. We suggest the following steps to resolve the situation:

  • Check your credit card expiration date
  • Make sure the information under the personal information matches the credit card – name, address, postal code, etc.
  • Attempt your input again (if possible, do not use any autofill settings as this can trigger the error)
  • Try a different credit card, if possible (make sure the information matches the personal section)


If the process above fails, please contact your card provider for further assistance.